The image below, called "Speak" is an original design by Northwest Coast First Nations artist, Maynard Johnny Jr.  It depicts four faces sharing the same mouth, to signify the importance of communication between a couple, in a family or community, and in society as a whole.  Space to "Speak" freely is key to solving any problem, big or small.

Maynard Johnny Jr.

Country/Region: Northwest Coast

Tribe: Coast Salish and Kwakwaka'wakw



Maynard Johnny (b. 1973) is primarily a self-taught artist who has been studying and working since the age of seventeen. He has been inspired by many NWC artists, and particularly admires Robert Davidson, the late great Art Thompson, and Mark Henderson.

Maynard is principally involved in graphic work, but is also designing and creating jewelry in silver and gold. Throughout his career, Maynard has also been interested in, and enjoyed working with wood. He has carved a number of masks and panels. His designs have garnered him a number of awards in logo contests for companies and Native organizations.

Maynard has designed a number of logos for Native organizations as well as other companies and businesses. He was also privileged enough to design an 8-ft by 3-ft sculpture of a salmon that was donated to the World Trade Centre in New York to honour those lost in the 9/11 tragedy. He has also created a design for a cedar chest for the 2009 Juno Awards Swag Bag which every artist who participated received.

Maynard has been in a number of exhibitions including the S'abadeb (the Gifts) Coast Salish exhibition at Seattle Art Museum and Royal British Columbia Museum, the Awakenings Coast Salish exhibit at Stonington gallery, and the Transporters Coast Salish exhibition at the Gallery of Greater Victoria. Maynard hopes to continue sharing his culture through other mediums such as precious metals and woods in the near future.